Industrial Piping

Desalination plant in Agadir (Morocco)

3D Modeling and Stress and Support Study.

Need to perform the support detail engineering associated with the complete definition of the Piping system of the Chtouka Desalination Plant.

  • 3D model that allows to establish the complete routing of lines and avoid possible interferences that may occur during the construction phase of the project.
  • Complete stress study of the plant's piping system.
  • Design of the necessary support resulting from the stress analysis in order to guarantee the integrity of all the lines of the process during the operation of the Plant.

Engineering Biomass Plant Detail, Wellingborough.

Development of Basic and Detail Engineering for auxiliary services lines in ACCIONA’s Biomass plant located in Wellingborough including the following works:
• P&ID design based on the general design and the water balance of the plant. Definition of pipelines and elements such as pumps, valves, filters, etc. Including logical control
• Routing of lines designed in layout of the plant where the routes of the pipes are clearly specified.
• Calculation of the required thickness of the pipes to withstand the pressure, loads and design temperature established for the correct operation of the process.
• Specification of equipment detailing the characteristics of all the necessary equipment for the correct functioning of the plant in the lines corresponding to the BOP

For the following systems:
• Collection and storage of raw water
• Service water distribution
• Demineralized wáter distribution
• Cooling water
• Auxiliary fuel input
• Compressed air storage and distribution

Detail Engineering for HTF Valves in CSP, Majadas


Development of basic process and mechanical engineering for the following systems of the North III Combined Cycle Plant of Ciudad Juárez
• Water treatment plant (WTP). General basic description and basic P&ID of the WTP which is fed from the raw water intake system and storage system.
• Effluent treatment plant ETP. General basic description and basic P&ID of the ETP, fed by the effluents coming from the combined cycle plant and from the water treatment plant (WTP).
• Raw water system: catchment and storage. General basic description and basic P&ID of the raw water catchment and storage system which is fed from an existing lake, with water from WWTP. Pumping Plant will be defined to pump water to a distance of 15 km delivering in WTP intake water.
• Water storage and distribution systems. General basic description and basic P&ID of the water storage and distribution system located between the WTP and the combined cycle, which is responsible for: Process Water, Osmotic Water, Demineralized Water and Irrigation Water
• General basic description and basic P&ID, fire loads study and ring definition of global fire protection system, including water treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, combined cycle, raw water system and the water storage and distribution system.


Verification of the currently designed support and advice on improvement possibilities; expansion bends calculation as well as compensators for the deformations in pipes absorption and the verification in the renowned prestige software Autopipe V8i against the loads (thermal, wind, earthquake) and of any additional nature Including the following works:
• Expansion bends calculation for the deformations produced by stresses in pipes absorption.
• Calculation of the necessary compensators to avoid over-stressing in equipment joints
• Pipes flexibility testing through specialized software according to corresponding standards, which implies the current support analysis and the possible modifications in order to comply with current standards.
For different systems
• Marine fuel oil will be IFO 380 grade with viscosity of 380.0 cSt at 50 degrees C.
• Diesel (1) will be marine diesel oil grade with a viscosity of 6.0 cSt at 40 degree C.
• Diesel (2) will be diesel oil grade A with a viscosity of 4.5 cSt at 40 degree C.
• Drinking water