Project and Legalization of various kinds of facilities

Project and legalization for the corresponding license obtention by the competent organisms to begin activities for different projects like:

• Comprehensive Security Project, development park of Sotogrande

• Project and Legalization Office Building conditioning, Real Club Pineda.

• Industrial plant workshop legalization, Gerena

• Facilities expansion legalization, Serva la Red

• Facilities expansion legalization in recycling plant, Ecoplastic

• Water separation network project, Tecno Bahia

• Legalization of industrial plant workshop on the Facilities of Hacienda Dolores

• Adequacy and License for manufacturing activity of aluminum stairs, Faraone

Different nature projects for the club

Different specialties projects realization for the Real Club Pineda among which the following are included:

• Horse walker CE marking

• Club General Activity Legalization Project

• New pump station electrical project, Pineda Golf course

• Processing centers electric legalization, Pineda

• LV Network Distribution Legalization, R.C. Pineda

Rain and Service Water Evacuation Project in production plant

Water evacuation separative system design in a production plant that allows the division of wastewater into independent networks and consequent evacuation to public network.


Basic project and execution for gas stations operated by the chain "La Gasolinera Rosa" located in the following locations

• Avenida de la Industria 1. Salteras

• Plaza Carlos Franco Pineda. P.I. Carretera amarilla Sevilla

• Parque empresarial Nuevo Torneo, Sevilla

Including the following aspects:

• Facilities design

• Full project writing

• Facilities legalization

• Upload and approval by industry official management in PUES platform

• Project management