Cubicoff Ingeniería abierta and Asesora Pericial have a collaboration Framework Agreement, by which Cubicoff exercises the function of South and Portugal Delegation for Asesora.

We are specialized in the provision of the highest level expert services for the interests defense of companies or industries affected by accidents, damage claims or liability.

We are responsible for the accidents assessment, cause analysis, reports issuance and expert opinions, damages assesment, etc.

Among the successful cases, we can list:


  • Solar thermal turbine expert report for CSP Andasol 3 in Almeria.
  • Fire damage assessment expert report for Aercal in Santiponce (Sevilla).
  • Income loss valuation expert report for the hydroelectric power station El Portillo (Granada) for Andaluza de la Energía.
  • Sulfur factory fire expert report for Sapec Agro in Setubal (Portugal).
  • Methylate tank break expert report for BioOils in Polo Químico de La Rábida (Huelva).
  • Hydrogen battery patent expert report for Clan Tecnológica.
  • Fire cause report for Lidl supermarket in Los Barrios (Cádiz).
  • Thermosolar plant expert report for Plenium Partners Guzmán in Palma del Rio (Córdoba)
  • Breaking leakage expert report in solar field CSP ASTE 1 for Elecnor, Ciudad Real