Cubicoff advances in its expansion in Africa providing design and innovation in government facilities in Uganda.

A whole team of engineers has been working on the supervision of civil works design, metal structures and back-office electrical installation for passport control facilities in the capital of Uganda, in Kampala.

Supervising on-site a month later all the technical assistance and development provided, together with the Kampala technical team in order to provide full technical support and with the greatest supervision.

Ensuring the correct execution of the works according to design. For this, the work methodology has been fundamental, organized, planned, working as a team in order to follow a pace of work without unforeseen events.

Development and realization of the basic objective of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia “international cooperation with the objective of contributing to the solidarity development of the people ”.

Cubicoff contributes his work in the African contention facilitating his Know How. Knowledge and skills that facilitate good work and progress in countries immersed in development and consolidation processes.