We support the construction of a social center under the active work of one of our engineers, Matías Fernández

In the past summer period one our engineer Matías Fernández has voluntarily moved to the occupied area of ​​Hebron in Palestine with the NGO (Hebron Hope Center). Participating in various development actions, from support to the construction of a social center as well as teaching services in English for one of the academies associated with said NGO.

Hebron is one of the most unstable cities in the West Bank, where there are daily altercations between Israeli and Palestinian military who cannot cross the fence raised by the Israeli government. The city is divided into two sectors: H1, controlled by the Palestinian National Authority, which accounts for 80% of the municipal territory, and H2 (approximately 20% of the city), administered by Israel.

Inequality and the absence of human rights show the division. If you live in H1 you have public services, hospitals, schools, security … on the other hand where Matías has provided his work, they do not have most of these basic needs.

That is why, together with the NGO, our engineer has actively participated in favor of the most disadvantaged families and children so that they have a social center in adequate conditions. In this way they can attend school support classes, English as well as other activities carried out by other volunteers from around the world.

A humanitarian work and a proactive attitude of Matías that meets the premises of our company “get out of the box” and go beyond. Provide open engineering in all areas, making room for solutions that go beyond the standard. Even in its summer period outside of working hours. From here we encourage all engineering professionals to join these types of enriching initiatives in every way.