Ander Tena, Cubicoff technical area engineer and Aurus pilot in the 2019 season. Cubicoff bets on multifaceted and proactive employees.

One of our Cubicoff technical area engineers, Ander Tena, has been part of the Aurus Andalucía Racing team during the 2019 season. The team has competed in three of the best circuits in the world, TT Circuit Assen (Holland), Hockemheimring (Germany ) and Montmeló (Spain). Cubicoff’s international projection has also been reflected this year “beyond the cube.”

And there is no doubt that it is committed to professionals who go beyond the standard. Multifaceted employee Advantage or disadvantage? From our field to be able to adapt to different environments is always a signal to value.

In addition, our partner Ander has competed with a combustion vehicle designed entirely by students of the University of Seville. Among its benefits, the acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in record time in just over three seconds stands out. The research always present.

It is also worth mentioning the development of a completely electric formula being the only Spanish team to compete in both categories. As well as the good results:

  • First place in Business plan in Assen and Montmeló.
  • Third place in Autocross of Assen (with a quick lap of 1 minute and 7 seconds and first podium in dynamic tests of the team, and the end of the Endurance)
  • Fifth place in the competition from Holland.

We are glad of the good results and any reinforcement that values ​​dedication and delivery. Be it within our offices or beyond them. Always any diversity in how many skills or thinking will make our engineering team more functional and with greater projection in all areas.