Cubicoff Ingeniería Abierta trains its team in the DISC method of managing people and teams

Cubicoff Ingeniería Abierta has received two workshops on the DISC method for managing people and teams. The objective of this training has been to get to know the staff in depth, improve communication and relationships, anticipate and understand the behavior of other persons, and improve the team’s motivation, commitment, and performance.

Both workshops took place on different weeks and were taught by Javier Álvarez, a subject’s specializing coach.

William Marston founded the DISC methodology, which is currently one of the most used tests by human resources departments. DISC is a tool that allows one to show the personality, abilities, and capacities of a team or company members, allowing one to identify and predict their behavior and conduct in different professional and personal situations and environments.

DISC is an acronym that identifies four behavior styles and measures the intensity and combination of each: Decision, Influence, Coolness, and Compliance.

Macarena Pérez Sigüenza, head of human resources and happiness at Cubicoff, pointed out after completing the workshops, “We are delighted to have carried out these training sessions in the DISC methodology. With them, we have gotten to know the entire team better, bringing us greater effectiveness and efficiency when working together. Cubicoff seeks to be at the forefront in managing motivated, happy, high-performance teams.”

Once the styles of each person have been identified, the DISC profile allows for modeling the team’s functioning and anticipating its members’ behavior, managing to combine the pieces to create a perfect system.

At Cubicoff, we train and manage people to work in a safe, motivated, and communicative environment. Our planned courses are: advanced level of Navision, and project management, are you up for it?

If you want to work with us, send your CV to In the following link, you will find the description of the most junior, professional, and senior profiles we need.

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