About us

Cubicoff is an extensive network of engineers experts in providing solutions under the premise “Thinking outside the box”.

“Thinking outside the box” is a metaphor that means thinking beyond the standard, using lateral thinking, a method we apply in Cubicoff to deal with our projects. Knowledge and innovation are our best allies:

Our extensive team of specialists in all possible branches of engineering allows us to cover all kinds of challenges and give the best solution to our customers, without resorting to standards.

We bet for a breakthrough methodology in the world of engineering and a different organizational format.

We believe in listening to the client and thoroughly investigate each case before proposing solutions.

In addition, our level of demand and professionalism allows us to fulfill all kinds of expectations with maximum profitability and generating the highest possible return on investment.

Cubicoff is the best choice in engineering. We are prepared to think “out of bounds” and open to listening to our clients to make them reach their goals in the most profitable way.