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Technical Assistance

At Cubicoff we specialise in processes and industrial piping, mining engineering, power generation plants, static and dynamic structural analysis as well as the development of special facilities. We are also open, due to our qualification and level of experience, to other more conventional fields, such as: water and environment, agrifood large cosumption, urbanism, civil and edification, among others.


We carry out technical assistance for the management of permits and legalisations in competent bodies, obtaining activity license, realization of technical projects, reforming projects according to the requirements of the regulatory bodies, as well as project management.

Expert Opinions

From Cubicoff open engineering we carry out comprehensive expert reports of technical and economic evaluation with judicial value, as well as defense in oral hearing ensuring maximum objectivity and customer support.

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We work applying desing engineering


In order to develop the understanding phase is not enough to listen to the costumer, but getting involved through a conversation in which you can share needs and different points of view


This is the essential phase in which engineers try to know and understand customers in a deeper way. It is not only understanding data and statistics, but analyzing situations, as well as understanding the different needs and problems


It is essential to define which are the needs depending on each particular situation. In this way, having a series of specific needs we can focus on taking the necessary steps to reach a final solution


In this phase starts the process of generating ideas based on previously established needs. The goal is to have many alternative solutions, not going in search of the first development, any idea must be discarded and various creative methods such as rain of ideas or mind maps can be used


The purpose of this phase is to develop the idea or solution that we have reached on a digital or physical prototype. It does not necessarily have to be an object, but also a drawing or even a storyboard and optimize it as the project progresses


Once at this point, the prototype of the selected idea must be turned in to the final user to check if we really meet their need. Once the prototype has been analyzed and the feedback received, is when we check if we have really understood the user. As a result of this, we must decide if the prototype is valid for implementation or if it has to be modified

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Supervision, Control and Technical Assistance

General technical assistance for projects from several Areas.

Facility Management

Management of buildings and their associated services, air conditioning, mains, facilities optimization…

Training and knowledge transfer

From Cubicoff “learningoutsidethebox” we teach our own courses, among which we highlight our Specialization Course in Piping Engineering On-Line.

Tuberias industriales
Developed projects
Projects in process of viability

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